Registered and Enrolled Nurses

We offer you excellent pay and conditions, including penal rates, holiday pay and free uniform top

You also receive a training allowance and practicing certificate allowance.

Hospital Aides

We offer you excellent pay and conditions, including penal rates, holiday pay and free uniform top

We provide allowances for CPR training.

We are preferred supplier to Canterbury District Health Board and have work available in Public and Private Hospitals, Rest Homes, Community Nursing, Mental Health, Medical Practices, Travel Nurses and Home Care.

If you choose to work for our rural clients we pay traveling expenses and provide accommodation. Be available to work when and where you prefer, work solely for us or enhance your existing income.

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    There are some work situations where a disability may place at risk the health and safety of clients or people in their care. For this reason we need to know whether you have any disability which might affect health and safety. We have identified some medical conditions, which might be relevant. You are asked to identify any disabilities, which are not mentioned.

    Do you suffer from any of the following medical conditions? If not, please choose None. If more than one, hold Ctrl and click.

    Any other medical conditions:


    My immunity status is unknown:


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    Hepatitis BChickenpox (if you haven’t had it)MeaslesRubellaTuberculosis (if you have lived in a high risk country as defined by the World Health Organisation www.who.int)

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    Have you been the subject of any official complaint that could have led to a conviction for an offence under the law (not including traffic offences)?

    If YES, please provide details of the complaint and the outcome, together with any explanation you may wish to make.

    Have you ever been dismissed from employment?

    If YES, please provide details, together with any explanation you may wish to make.

    Have you ever been the subject of a complaint of discrimination i.e. sexual harassment or other forms of discriminatory conduct?

    If YES then please provide the details.

    Is there any information you may be aware of which you have not yet disclosed but which the employer might regard as being relevant to its decision to offer you employment?

    If YES, then please detail the information.

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